Tips for Successful Private Lending Practice

Tips for Successful Private Lending Practice

Running a business can be challenging most of the time. But having a solid foundation of smoothly operating practices can help a lot in dealing with this dilemma.



In today’s fast-paced economy, opportunities for private money loan lenders are tremendously in demand. One way of making this business a success is putting the right attitude towards it. Here are four tips for a successful private lending practice that you might want to employ in your own business.


Focused Locally. It is best to make your locality the focal point of your money lending business. The rationale being that you should invest in what you know and where you know. The high rate of success can be seen in funding loans because you are a local expert and you know well your marketplace. This also saves you time and money in employing private investigators to do background checks for your prospective borrowers if they live within 100 miles of your office rather than those living in the next district.


Be Specific. In advertising and marketing your money lending business, be specific and clear in giving out information. If you only cater local niche, then do not say “region-wide”. If you only give out a maximum loan of $50,000, then do state this on your fact sheet.


Establish Integrity. If you have existing websites, it is best to include in your documentation pictures of actual deals that your business have funded. Make your name/s, addresses, pictures and email addresses available for all the world to see. This is one way of establishing integrity by putting face in your business. Never pretend what your business is not as authenticity will attract customers to you in a big way.


Refer as much as possible. To fully maximize the growth of your business, originate loans rather than opt to do broker. Brokering can be a waste of your focus and time. Instead, use your resources wisely and refer deals as much as possible.


You may not be able to perfect all at the same time, but rest assured that trying out these tips is worth the while that will eventually yield large results if done consistently.